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Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling


TW Services  provide a bespoke  waste wood collection and recycling service. Material recycled comprises of either segregated waste wood collected by TW Services own fleet, waste delivered directly by customers or material segregated through TW Services in house mixed waste recycling plant.  

Material to be processed at TW Services facility in Sandwich, Kent is sorted into two types, either, higher quality clean wood or lower quality dirty mixed wood

The higher quality material is easily described as wood that you would associate with such items as pallets or timber offcuts. Upon arrival to the waste handling area the material is shredded utilising specialist equipment, consolidated and exported for use in the onward manufacture of chipboard.

Material deemed as dirty wood which would be synonymous with such items as doors and window frames which have been painted, wooden worktops and lower grade furniture is also shredded and exported, however this material is diverted for utilisation as biomass material for energy production. 

Segregation of materials such as wood not only reduces the impact upon the UK landfill problem but also offers TW Services customers significant savings on the cost of disposal.

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