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Who are TW Services

Who are TW Services

Our past...

With a long history in the demolition industry, TW Services was formed in 1995 to provide a more reliable and cost effective waste management service. Originally based in Thanet, the company ethos of ‘First Class Service’ soon proved successful and growth has been achieved by concentrating on reliability and constant reinvestment in new facilities and plant. From the original skip service developed the associated Rolonof bins and grab loader services.


Today TW Services has an employed workforce of more than 80 skilled staff, delivering a comprehensive range of waste handling services and materials supply and has an extensive range of modern plant and equipment. The site at Richborough has evolved over 20 acres into a dynamic recycling, renewable waste management company capable of processing 750,000 tonnes of waste per annum. Treating waste as a valuable resource, from which by-products can be recovered as secondary materials, all of the waste materials collected are either re-used, recycled or recovered for their energy content ensuring that no waste goes to landfill.

And future...

This continuing investment and drive is still extremely evident with the near completion of a new soil wash plant facility. This facility will screen, wash and stockpile an additional 250,000 tonnes of recovered aggregate products a year. In the 20 years of business, TW Services has, are, and always will continue to focus its business away from simply disposing of everyday waste towards a far higher level of resource efficiency via the recovery of energy and materials. With this and a strong focus on their people and the surrounding community, the management team at TW Services continue to pride themselves on their commitment to not only protecting the environment but also the people within it.